First app in google play : Animal Hooray!

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Animal Hooray This was basically done for a client in a freelancing website. Rather than graphics I did the database talking and programming part mostly. Nice to see the app finally into real world and people buying it! There is also a free version.

App Summary:

5 animal hooray! videos, in 10 languages, with 110 animals sounds, and 1100 animal facts!

Want to learn about animals and the sounds they make? Do you want to practice your language skills in 10 languages?
Animal Hooray has details of 110 animals, their images, their sounds and 10 facts about each animal.
All you need is to tap on the image of the animal. It will do a little boggie for you and play its sound.
And oh, Cod, Salmon, Shark and Squid do not seem to make much of a sound. So we’ve put in the Octopus’ rumble for you instead.

Cover art

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