Pokémon.Go Obsession

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It’s been few days after the release of the most trending game Pokémon.go. I’m not a fan of mobile or computer game. But I couldn’t resist asking myself, what’s so crazy about it? Why people are so much into it. So I decided to give it a try and here’s my observation.

From tech peoples perspective, it is clear that this was a challenging project. I bet Niantic have the coolest geeks working on this project. I mean there are a lot of application using the mobile camera but none of them ever thought to use the camera as a connection between virtual and real world. Only Niantic did it. So you can focus your camera and see virtual creatures on it. It’s like the creatures are already in front of you but are invisible to plain eyes. You can only see them using the camera of your phone. Cool!!! ain’t it?

From users perspective, I think most of the user like it because the concept was unique. Nobody did it before. It made a connection between the user of the real world with a virtual world.

Anyways, like it or not, to me it was a cool concept. I’m waiting to see more games like this coming.

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