Bangla Tutorial – J2ME : Creating Hello MIDlet using Netbeans


Developing Mobile application is fun. Though the trend is shifting more towards Android, Iphone, Blackberry or other high end devices J2ME still can be a good starting for the beginners. At least it has similarity with Android platform both are JAVA based.

However, This tutorial shows you how to Build a Simple Mobile Application called MIDlet. Here i used Netbeans IDE 6.9.1. Narration is in Bengali.

এই  ভিডিওতে আমি দেখিয়েছি NetBeans IDE ইউজ করে কিভাবে একটি MIDlet তৈরী করতে হয়।


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  1. Abdullah Jayed

    Bro u r doing a very good job….kep it up…..

    Vaia Bangla aro video tutorial dile valo hoi………..

  2. Jalal

    Hey, you say you like programming. are you a programmer yet? still student or in profession? i like your spirit. someday i was like you. don’t know how much you can keep it up. some people lose track, but i hope you will not. i will like to discuss more with you. if you are interested – mail me..

  3. Zakaria

    Brother, I’m interested to learn from u the J2ME wireless application development.

    Zakaria from Malaysia

  4. srs.sajib

    log into http://www.netbeans,org its approximately 244mb fof windows.

  5. columbia u

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  6. infrared prince

    hi bro, i want to learn java mobile development. can you help me?


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