Bangla Tutorial – J2SE : Build & Run a program using NetBeans


This tutorial shows you how to Build and Run a java program using NetBeans IDE. Here i used Netbeans IDE 6.9.1. Narration is in Bengali.

এই  ভিডিওতে আমি দেখিয়েছি NetBeans IDE ইউজ করে কিভাবে একটি জাভা প্রোগ্রাম বিল্ড ও রান করতে হয়।


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  1. Ashfaq

    Dear Brother
    I do not have any programming language. But I am very much interested to learn Java. Is there any begali books on Java. Would u please help me by showing the path to learn java.

    My contact no 01713-048130


    • zamanisgeek

      Hi Ashfuq,
      I am glad to know that you have enthusiasm. That is the most important thing. But I don’t know if any language even exists named ‘begali’.
      There may be some Bengali books on JAVA but they are not that good. But I can assume your English is good enough that you can understand an English book easily. The book I followed primarily: “The complete reference JAVA” by herbert schieldt. Thanks

      • Riyaj Haq

        Bangলা তে জাভা পরে কি হবে বাবা

        • zamanisgeek

          হা হা.. তুমি বাংলা টাইপ করে যেভাবে মনের ভাব প্রকাশ করেছ সেটা কি কখনও English এ সম্ভব হতো, বলো ??


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