UVa Online Judge (uva.onlinejudge.org) solved problem comments


Here are comments about some of my solved problems in Uva Online Judge (uva.onlinejudge.org) site. No solution is provided here. Just look around if you can find a clue.

Problem ID Problem Name Comments
371 ackerman function another 3n+1 problem  but need to be careful for case 1 2, output should be 3 long long or unsigned long will be just fine
739 Soundex Indexing string problem, need to be strictly careful about output
913 JoanaAndOddNumber mathmatical problem, the equation is all that is needed to be solved, you can find the last three number from any given odd number in a line. important lesson learned use long long instead of __int64
10079 Pizza Cutting mathmatical problem, guess in a circle how many pieces there will be if every new line crosses old lines and the pizza becomes divided into many pieces. Only a equation and tada!
340 Master-Mind took time to understand the question. Take your time to understand the question careflly. See the output. Easy. Just need to find the strong and weak match between the secret code and all other guess case.
386 Perfect Cubes first keep in an array all the cubes upto 200. then use brute loops to find the match
408 Uniform Generator Use of flag. Need to test if the generated random numbers are all number one less mode
444 EncoderAndDecoder String manipulation. Be careful about the punctuation characters.
484 TheDepartmentofRedundancyDepartment String calculation. Two for loops brute force.
488 TriangleWave Output related. Take care for printing new line and blank line between input/testcase
573 Snail Whatever the fatigue level the snake always slids. And there is night and day portion in each day.
579 ClockHands There is a great description in this problem. But what you need to do is just find the angle between the hour hand and minute hand. Remember that when minute hand moves the hour hand also moves slightly.
621 SecretResearch Important lesson is that any string is terminated by ”. And keeping this in mind this is not that tough.
694 TheCollatzSequence Remember that neither of A or L is larger than 2147483647
10035 PrimaryArithmatic First thing to notice that both of the number may not be equal. So need to equal them padding 0s to do make the carry operation easier.
10071 HighSchoolPhysics Derive the euation or try to guess from the answer.
10101 BanglaNumber Easy to imagine the number in two part then work with the separate part to determine if it is kuti lakh etc…
10170 HotelWithInfiniteRoom Do it the easy way or number theory or quadratic equation… Note that after each day one more member adds
10189 Minesweeper each cell has 8 adjacent cells and the logic Is simple. Be careful about printing new line and spaces. There is a mistake in judge. New line after test case. Which is not mentioned in the question.
10190 Divide, But not quite conquer Keep the sequence in an array until >=1. And check that array according to the mentioned algorithm. Notice when m & n <2 then they are boring!
10281 Average Speed Take input as string.
10300 EcologicalPremiur Just multiply and sum. Don’t get thundered by large input!
10591 HappyNumber Guess if the same sequence doesn’t come within 10000 step then we may say that the number is Unhappy!!
10924 PrimeWords Easy one. Done in primary stage. The prime checking was not very efficient although accepted.
10969 f91 Do just what is said!
100 3n+1 Problem What more to say about this problem.
102 Ecological Bin Packing First thought too complex… and only 6 cases to handle…:)
272 Tex Code
458 Decoder
483 Word Scramble
575 Skew Binary
591 Box of Bricks
706 LCD Display Simulation related. Don’t print space after the last digits lines…?
10041 Vitos Family
10055 Hashmat
10082 WERTYU
10260 Soundex
10327 Flip Sort
10370 Above Average
10931 Parity
10223 How Many Nodes Introduction to Catalan Numbers, Easy
11223 O: Dah,dah,dah Morse Code, String Manipulation, Succesfully used memset, 5WA due to n line
10921 Find The Telephone Too easy string problem
10945 Mother Bear At first I thought too much.. For odd length sentence I sorted out the middle palindrome letters such as I,A,M,O,H,U,V,W,X,Y but they just omitted the middle letter to detect the palindrome sentence. Just convert to Upper Case letters and find if matches.
895 Word Problem Don’t worry about binary searching or something else.. Just do it the most simple way…
10008 Whats Cryptanalysis Thought need to be bubble sort or something like that.. But thanks only flag did the magic.. String problem
10062 Tell me the frequencies String problem, no sorting, wa due to n uff
10222 DecodeTheMadMan For Some Input the question wasn’t clear. Disgusting. Else one of the easiest problem.fOOOOO
10282 Babel Fish after 17 wa problem is accepted. Solved the problem using something like hasing…
401 Palindrome Uff tried hard… thought of so many situations.. But omitted the single character condition.. At last accepted Thanks!!:))
160 Factorial and Fraction function called, and prime gereration problem tiddy biddy
612 DNA Sorting solved using qsort and hashing. Quite easy. But another procedure tried was not to use any sorting but use only tree dimensional arrays
10235 Simply Emirp Call Sieve. And be careful about the word “if it creates two different prime after reverse” them emirp
10664 The Luggage I have done it adhoc way. Shows wa for input 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2. But accepted:))
673 Parentheses Problem Stack Queue type. But I solved it on the go… fast enough, string problem I think
494 KindergartenCountingGame Really kindergarten!!
495 FibonnaciFreeze BigNum, Addition, made bignum addition myself no algo followed yet; used index/addition as variable name and got compilation error, important lesson learned
10334 Ray Through Glasses silly change to 495
10579 FibonnaciNumbers same as 495

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