Bluetooth Beacon Based Covid-19 Corona Social Distancing App

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This has started as a personal curiosity to use Bluetooth based distance measuring to alert users of security distance. Finally the solution came as using BLE Beacon technology to continuously detect other beacon and alert users. The app works continuously both as a beacon transmitter and receiver. It uses a secure ID for each device it is running on, so each device can detect other devices uniquely and without sharing anymore personal information. The app uses Android Beacon Library but back-grounding was not even solved properly in the library due to latest android changes. It was little challenging to keep the app working in the background even when user is not using the app specially due to latest android version changes.

The app can be set to maintain defined meter radius with the other user in the app. In brief the app is providing the following features to the user:

  • This help the user to maintain defined meter distance from the other user by using your device Bluetooth in the background
  • Generates an unique ID for each user without giving further user details via beacon
  • Notify the user with an alarm if he/she is too close to the user
  • App also work on the background or while on the go.

The App is published in a local app store. Can be downloaded form here.

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