Datastructures revisited : Implementing Basic Linked List in Java

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public class BasicLinkedList<X> {
    private Node first;
    private Node last;
    private int nodeCount ;

    public BasicLinkedList(){
        first = null;
        last = null;
        nodeCount = 0;

    public void add(X item){

        if(first == null){
         first = new Node(item);
         last = first;
            //create the Node
            Node newLastNode = new Node(item);
            //add it to the current last Node
            //mark current node as the last Node
            last = newLastNode;


    public X remove(){
        if(first == null){
            throw new IllegalStateException("list is empty and there are no new items to remove");
            // get the first Node
            X nodeItem = first.getNodeItem();
            // set the next Node as the first node
            first = first.getNextNode();
            return  nodeItem;


    public int size(){
        return nodeCount;

    private class Node{
        private Node nextNode;
        private X nodeItem;

        public Node(X item){
            this.nextNode = null;
            this.nodeItem = item;

        public void setNextNode(Node nextNode){
            this.nextNode = nextNode;

        public Node getNextNode(){
            return nextNode;

        public X getNodeItem(){
            return nodeItem;

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